The Message of The President

Dear Business Partners and colleagues,

As Arma Group Holding, we have been continuing to grow steadily with our domestic and international activities for more than 30 years. We are proud to be one of the most successful and respected institutions in our region. Our group has continued to be the leading company in its sector with its human resources investments in information and technology fields, since 1991. It maintains its position as the leading company in the sector in terms of achieving both financial and corporate goals, by following the economic developments in our country, technology trends abroad, and producing innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Our employees, whom we always see as our most valuable asset, were one of our focal points in the past year as well. In order to ensure that our nearly 300 employees in Turkey and abroad are productive individuals who shape the technologies of the future, we maintained our stability in growth by making the necessary investments and efforts this year. With the success we have achieved and the motivation we have provided, we accomplished important projects and achievements in the past year.

Corporate agility and the ability to adapt to change are more important than ever. In this context, while we continue our organic growth with our R&D and technology investments, we contributed to informatics projects in different countries in order to catch up with the success trend we have achieved in the country and to become a global player. With the opening of our Technopark office within the scope of our innovative strategies according to global and competitive conditions, we will start to carry out business development and promotion activities from the heart of Europe.

With our renewed slogan of “Strong Savings, Innovative Technology”, we will continue to invest in the future of our country by producing value-added solutions in the coming period. We aim to do our part for the development of our country by supporting the digitalization process of the IT sector. We would like to thank all our colleagues, business partners, customers and shareholders who believed, trusted and supported us on this journey to success. We will continue to work with all our strength to carry this trust even further by realizing valuable projects in the coming periods.

Best regards.

Güler Kadıoğlu

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Our Investments in Turkey

We aim to produce new technological products nationally independently with our own means and to guide other institutions and organizations with these products. In every work we do, our basic philosophy, rather than a profit-loss policy, is to produce unprecedented projects for the benefit of humanity. We continue to work with self-data to bring our country to an era in technology with the projects we have produced.

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Our Social Assistance Projects

As Arma Group Holding, apart from the investments we have made in business life, we also carry out various social assistance projects with the Gül&Kavak Foundation, led by our Chairman of the Board Güler Kadıoğlu. Within the scope of these projects, we aim to increase social awareness.

Our Nature Conservation Projects

In addition to our social aid projects, we carry out various studies on nature protection in our projects. We want to leave a livable world for future generations with these ideas that we have produced by being aware of how important the protection of nature is for future generations.

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